The weather has been quiet the past few days. Look for that to change later today as the high pressure system that's given us mild, dry air the past couple of days gets shoved aside, first by a warm front later today and then by a cold front later in the week. Today's high should hit the lower 80s but the humidity will increase considerably once the warm front passes late this afternoon. Along with the increased humidity the front will also bring cloudy skies and a slight chance of isolated showers or thunderstorms.

The warm, humid, air mass that will be with us tomorrow is expected to become unstable as the day progresses. With a high temperature near 90 degrees, a deep layer of moisture, and an approaching cold front, the stage is set for showers and thunderstorms on Tuesday. Some of those storms could be severe.

Several days of unsettled weather are likely to follow as the cold front looks like it will come to a halt not all that far to our south. With a stalled front nearby, any little disturbance passing overhead could produce slow-moving storms with potentially heavy rainfall. Where those storms will happen depends on where the front stalls, and that is not yet clear.

So, for now, be ready for showers and thunderstorms for the latter half of the week. Wednesday and Thursday will be hot and humid with highs in the upper 80s, but heavy cloud cover and an easterly wind will keep Friday cool and clammy with a high in the mid 70s. The temperatures look to rebound to the lower 80s for the weekend but it is not yet clear whether we will get any relief from the humidity.