A warm front slowly moving up the coast today is response to this morning's dense fog. Once the front passes the fog should dissipate and we can start another run at a record high, as there is some pretty warm air behind the front. It is going to be tough though; the Central Park record for today is 67 degrees set in 1881, but we'll probably only warm up to 64 or so in the city. As a consolation prize we can look forward to showers and maybe even a thunderstorm this evening.

The rain is the result of a fast-approaching cold front that will clear out the skies but not bring any cold weather. Tuesday will be sunny with a high reaching at least the lower 60s. That will be our sixth consecutive day in the 60s. Clear skies should continue on Wednesday but it looks like it will only warm to the mid 50s.

A more significant cold front is expected later in the week. The approach and passage of that front will likely bring us a rainy Thursday and Friday and, believe it or not, seasonably cool weather for the weekend. Temperatures on Saturday and Sunday will stay in the lower to mid 40s. That cool weather is not a sign of more normal winter weather to come. The extended outlook has near-record warm weather returning for Christmas.