The weather forecast has remained remarkably consistent all week long as a big high pressure system slowly makes its way eastward across the country. That high is centered near DC this morning. As it moves off the coast we should start getting winds out of the south, boosting our temperature and humidity this afternoon. Look for mostly sunny skies with a high in the mid 80s.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be oppressively humid, with dew points in the lower 70s and a high in the upper 80s. We'll also have to contend with a pretty good chance of showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon and early evening as a cold front starts to nudge the humid air away. Some of those storms could be severe, especially if the skies remain clear in the morning as that will allow the heat to build up before the front arrives.

Much drier air will return soon after the front passes tomorrow night. It looks like we are in for another round of extremely pleasant summer weather from Sunday through Tuesday, with mostly sunny skies and highs in the mid 80s. Unlike this week's predictable weather, there is not much agreement in the forecasts for next week. The Weather Service continues with the sunny and warm, the Weather Channel brings on thunderstorms, and AccuWeather thinks another heat wave is coming late next week.