And the streaks continue to fall. The temperature dipped to 59 degrees this morning, the first time it's been below 60 since June 27th. With a cool start like that and an afternoon high expected to only reach the mid 70s, today will likely be the first cooler than normal day in more than two weeks.

Today's near normal temperature is actually very abnormal for what is turning out to be the summer that just won't stop. The cool air is associated with the leading edge of a high pressure system that will dominate the weather all week. Look for clear skies all week long with afternoon highs in the mid 80s tomorrow and mid to upper 80s Wednesday and Thursday before falling to the lower 80s on Saturday. A weak cold front approaching on Sunday may bring some rain toward the end of the weekend and drop the temperature back toward normal at the beginning of next week.


All this warm weather got us to wondering how unusual it is to get 80 degree weather in September. We dragged out our slide rule and calculated the chance each day has of reaching 80 (blue) or 90 (red) degrees since 1971. There's nothing magical about 1971, it's just the data we had handy. As it turns out, today happens to be the last day of the year in which there is more than a 30 percent chance of hitting 80. We have a little more than a week to go where once every four or five years it will hit 80 but after the fall equinox that chance quickly drops to zero.