While this week started with an abnormally warm high of 77 degrees on Monday, it is going to end up in the low 50s by the time Sunday rolls around. A series of cold fronts, one today, another on Friday and a third on Saturday will be quickly followed by successive waves of cooler air masses. This afternoon's high depends on when the first cold front passes, but we should end up in the mid to upper 60s. There's just enough moisture in the air to give us cloudy skies and perhaps a few sprinkles up in Orange and Putnam Counties.

The dew point is going to drop into the 30s behind the front and that lack of moisture means sunny skies for Thursday. Tomorrow's high will be in the mid 60s. We'll get a southerly breeze on Friday but that will battle lots of clouds and a slight chance of rain to keep the high in the mid 60s.

Look for the temperature to only hit the upper 50s on Saturday and, following the passage of the final front, only climb to the lower 50s on Sunday. There is very little moisture associated with the air masses behind the weekend fronts so we should have a cloudless couple of days. The clear skies will allow for good radiational cooling at night and morning lows on Sunday and Monday are expected to drop into the upper 30s in the city for the first time since late April, with perhaps the first frost of the season in more rural inland locations.