You know what we've not had yet this summer? A heat wave! Although June was slightly warmer than average, the temperature has not hit 90 degrees since late May.

All that began to change late yesterday afternoon as the stationary front that had kept us relatively cool finally moved northward, allowing a nice, juicy air mass to arrive. Away from the coast most of us will see temperatures in the lower to mid 90s this afternoon, and closer to the mid 90s tomorrow. Add in the humidity and it will seem like the mid to upper 90s today and upper 90s tomorrow. That's more than hot enough for the National Weather Service to issue a heat advisory from early this afternoon through Thursday evening. Stay cool, stay out of the sun, take frequent rest breaks if you're working outside, etc.

For some relief this afternoon head to the coast. A sea breeze is expected to develop in the early afternoon, dropping temperatures down to the chilly mid 80s, but it will still be plenty humid. The heat and humidity may give us some showers or thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon.

A back door cold front might pass through the city on Friday. If the front does pass we should see highs in the mid to upper 80s on Friday and Saturday. The catch is that only the National Weather Service thinks that will happen. AccuWeather and the Weather Channel keep us in the upper 80s to lower 90s both days. Showers and thunderstorms are possible as long as that front is nearby.