We've got two distinct weather regimes to contend with this week. The cold front that passed through the city yesterday will be held well to our south for the next few days by a high pressure system slowly moving across Canada. Look for mostly sunny skies today and tomorrow with highs in the upper 60s. A few clouds will try to make the scene on Wednesday when the Canadian high moves eastward and our winds start coming out of the south. We should still have a pleasant day with a high in the upper 60s.

A plot twist later in the week will cause this simple, quiet weather system to turn into a darker, more mercurial character. Our friend the Canadian high will stab us in the back as it leaves by dragging the remains of yesterday's cold front back north as a warm front. That front will probably stall out just south of the city on Thursday, giving us a cooler, cloudy day with at least some chance of rain and a high only in the lower 60s.

Will the warm front pass through the city on Friday or hold off until Saturday? As of now the forecasts are all over the place. Depending on which forecast you believe Friday will either be in the lower 60s or lower 70s and Saturday's high will range from 70-75. Both days could see rain with thunderstorms possible on Saturday.