A cold front will be moving through the area this afternoon. There is little moisture associated with the front, so at best we'll see a high in the lower 60s and a mix of sun and clouds as the front arrives, followed by clear skies after it passes. The air will be dry enough behind the front that the temperature will drop to the mid 40s overnight in the city and into the mid 30s in the Hudson Valley north of Newburgh and Beacon.

Dry weather and mostly clear skies will last through tomorrow morning, but significant weather changes will be taking place after that. First up is a deep low pressure system moving our way from the Mississippi Valley. That system promises cloudy skies by tomorrow afternoon and lots of rain on Friday as it drags lots of moisture northward. A steady rain could drop 1-2 inches of water on us from late Thursday evening through early Saturday morning. Higher amounts are possible if thunderstorms develop.

That storm looks like it will get trapped between two ridges in the jet stream, one over the Great Plains and the other over the middle of the Atlantic. With nowhere for that storm to go we are going to be in for a cool and generally cloudy weekend. Saturday's high should reach the mid 60s, but we'll be lucky to see 60 on Sunday and it will only warm to the mid 50s on Monday.