Another day, another effulgent blast of sunshine. It's been nine days since the last recorded rainfall, and that was all of 0.01 inches. With a westerly breeze it looks like we'll warm up to near 60 this afternoon, which is just about normal for late October. The warmish weather will end when a cold front passes through town late this afternoon. No rain is expected with the front's passage. It's been so dry this month that the Weather Channel has made an infographic.

The cooler air behind the front means tomorrow will only warm to the mid 50s. The forecast gets complicated starting Tuesday night. Well, complicated enough to maybe possibly producing a few light showers on Wednesday. There almost certainly won't be enough rain to prevent this month from being the third driest on record.

A low pressure system winding up over the Great Lakes will pump warm air our way for Halloween. Thursday's high will be in the mid 60s under cloudy skies and it will remain warm well into the evening for trick-or-treaters. Our best chance of rain in weeks will be late Thursday night through Friday evening. Friday ">looks to be warm with a high near 70.