It has been a cool couple of weeks here in New York with only one of the last 15 days being warmer than normal. That trend will continue today and through the weekend. Today will be the warmest day of the lot with a high in the mid 70s. Expect a few clouds late this afternoon as an otherwise dry cold front moves through the region.

The air mass behind the cold front is just a touch cooler than what's in place now. Look for highs in the lower 70s under clear skies for both Saturday and Sunday. If you are going to the beach be aware that we will start seeing some large swells and strong rip currents from Hurricane Irma as early as today.

Hurricane Irma managed to have 185-mph winds for 37 straight hours, the longest any storm has maintained such intensity. Irma currently has sustained winds of 150-mph as it threads its way between Cuba and the Bahamas today. The latest forecasts have the storm making landfall in southern Florida late Saturday with winds of 130-155 mph. Almost all of Florida, with the exception of the panhandle, could see hurricane force winds this weekend. The storm looks like it will also severely impact Georgia and South Carolina early next week before turning inland. Stay tuned, and stay safe.