What happened to the rain this weekend? Despite our forecast of rain every day, no precipitation was measured at any of the local observation stations. It looks like a low-level inversion, where the temperature increases with altitude, snuck in to put a cap on any vertical movement of air. Without that rising air we were left with a thick cloud cover but no rain.

The opposite is happening with today's forecast. The upper level low that's been to our west for days will finally move across the area today, weakening the inversion and bringing slightly drier air as it passes. There will be a brief period this afternoon and evening where the air might become unstable enough to produce a few showers, but those showers will be scattered and there may actually be some sunshine this afternoon. Today's high should reach the lower 70s.

Seasonable temperatures return for the middle of the week as high pressure arrives. Tomorrow and Wednesday will see highs in the upper 60s, while Thursday and Friday will likely warm to the low 70s. There should be plenty of sunshine after tomorrow.

There is a lot going on in the forecast for next weekend. A cold front is expected to arrive from the west anytime from late Friday night to sometime Sunday. The timing of that front is crucial, as it may interact with Hurricane Matthew. Matthew is currently a beast with sustained winds of 130 mph as it heads toward western Haiti, eastern Cuba, and the Bahamas.

The forecast models generally agree that the storm will head due north toward the Outer Banks of North Carolina this week. Beyond the Outer Banks though the forecast storm paths diverge wildly, with some solutions having Matthew going out to sea and others keeping the storm on its northerly path toward us.