The showers and thunderstorms that were forecast over the past couple of days mainly kept north of the city, and following the cold front's passage yesterday afternoon there is no chance of precipitation today. Instead we'll see sunny skies and a high in the lower 80s this afternoon thanks to a dry northwesterly breeze.

That northwesterly breeze is going to swing around and start coming out of the south later today. The wind shift will bring a moist and deliciously hot air mass to the city tomorrow. All the forecasts are saying Thursday will be the first 90-degree day of the year. The temperature hasn't been reached 90 in Central Park in nine months—September 6th if you are keeping track—and it is now about two weeks later than when the temperature typically reaches 90 for the first time. With the heat and humidity tomorrow we can't rule out a stray thunderstorm but that sort of activity is likely to again stay north of the city.

Friday won't be quite as hot and humid as a cold front should pass through the city Thursday night. Look for highs in the mid 80s under mostly sunny skies. It is back to the humidity and a good chance of showers or thunderstorms on Saturday as we have to contend with the passage of a warm front Friday night and a cold front late Saturday. Saturday could again warm to 90 degrees. The weather whiplash continues on Sunday when it will be relatively dry and cool only to be followed by increasing heat and humidty early next week.