It's the fall equinox but summer weather is trying to make a comeback. Thanks to high pressure overhead and the driest air since who knows when we'll see nothing but blue skies and an unseasonably warm high approaching 80 degrees this afternoon. The dry air will allow plenty of radiational cooling tonight and also provide a textbook example of the urban heat island. The city and close-in suburbs will see overnight lows in the lower 60s as all the streets and buildings slowly give up the heat they absorbed during the day. Away from the city, in the lower Hudson Valley and the pine barrens of Long Island and New Jersey, morning lows will be in the 40s.

Tomorrow's weather shouldn't be all that different than today's. Maybe a bit more humidity and some thin cirrus clouds, but we should otherwise warm again to near 80. Temperatures will drop to only slightly above normal as we head into the weekend, so look for highs in the lower to mid 70s from Friday through Sunday.

Unseasonably mild weather returns early next week as the high pressure system over northern New England finally begins to move offshore. Highs are expected to return to the upper 70s on Monday and maybe reach 80 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Very appropriate for what could very likely become the warmest September on record.

This September is also on the dry side. It has not rained in ten days and there is almost no chance of rain for the remainder of the month. Assuming that happens we'll wind up with about half the normal precipitation for September. Luckily, the catchment area for the city's reservoir system has been wetter than normal for the past several months and the water levels in the reservoirs are higher than normal.