Spring is here! The vernal equinox was at 6:28 this morning, and to mark the occasion temperatures will return to almost average after ten days of cooler-than-normal weather. A high pressure system sitting over the East Coast guarantees plenty of sun and snow melt this afternoon with a high in the lower 50s.

A storm will pass to the south of the region tonight. It will be too far south to be a big weather maker, but close enough to produce cloudy skies and a slight chance of light rain overnight. The cloudy skies should give way to some sun by tomorrow afternoon, with the high expected to reach the mid 50s on Tuesday.

Don't put away your parkas just yet. A strong cold front crossing the city on Tuesday night will make for a cold middle of the week. Wednesday and Thursday will be mostly sunny, but it will only warm to the mid 30s on Wednesday, with a stiff northwesterly breeze making it feel much colder, and to the upper 30s on Thursday. Another storm system over the weekend is expected to lead to another round of wild temperature fluctuations with Saturday climbing to the mid 60s and Sunday staying in the mid 40s.