The warm-up to summer has hit a hitch, and we've regressed to early April temperatures. The warm air that almost reached New York earlier in the week has sunk southward and is being contained behind a stationary front that stretches along the border between Virginia and North Carolina. South of that line temperatures will rise into the 70s and 80s today. Here in New York our high will stick to the mid 50s under overcast skies. We might see a bit of rain this afternoon but the air is pretty dry under the clouds, so any precipitation should be light.

Rain will be more likely this evening as the fastest part of the jet stream passes overhead. Since we've only received a third of April's normal rainfall that's probably a good thing, though we won't come anywhere near making up for that deficit. The month is going to end on a dry note tomorrow as we'll have partly cloudy skies and a high in the lower 60s.

Cool, cloudy, and rainy weather will return on Sunday as the stationary front to our south slowly creeps northward. Sunday's high will be back down in the mid 50s. As their name implies stationary fronts don't move fast so look for the rain and cool weather to continue through Monday. Seasonable highs in the mid to upper 60s may return by the middle of next week.