Ah, there's nothing quite like a few early morning snow flurries in April to get the week off to a good start. The cool and rainy weather is going to persist for the day and that cruddy combination has postponed the Yankees home opener until tomorrow. The warm front producing the rain is just to the south of the city. If that front wiggles just a bit northward we could see the temperature jump to the lower 50s for a brief moment this afternoon.

This storm is going to quickly move out to sea. As it does so it will drag some unseasonably cold air our way. When the cold air arrives this evening the rain could change to snow with up to half an inch accumulating. Hey, at least we're not in Massachusetts where some 3-6 inches of snow are possible?

Tomorrow will feel much more like mid-February than early April. The low tonight is likely to dip into the 20s, so say good-bye to any plants you can't bring inside. While the day will be sunny, Tuesday's high will only reach the lower 40s and a strong north wind will produce wind chills in the teens. Needless to say, dress warm if you're going to the Yankees game.

The mid-winter weather will ease up a bit on Wednesday and Thursday as the high moves offshore and a warm front crosses the region. Wednesday's high should reach the upper 40s and we could see 60 on Thursday, albeit with a good chance of rain. The temperature roller coaster continues over the weekend as another cold Canadian high arrives.