The last time the temperature reached 80 degrees in Central Park was early last October. With a warm front expected to move northward through the region tomorrow, this weekend will bring the first real chance of returning to that mark in more than seven months. Before the front gets here, however, we've got to wade through a cool day today and a fair chance of rain tonight. Heavy clouds and an easterly wind keep this afternoon's high in the lower to mid 60s and with a warm front nearby we can't discount a scattered shower or thunderstorm.

There will be a better chance of showers, thunderstorms and fog overnight as the front creeps ever so slowly eastward. With all that moisture in the air there won't be much cooling tonight, and once the front passes in the morning the temperature is going to shoot up to near 80 degrees by Saturday afternoon. Showers and thunderstorms will be likely with all that heat and humidity.

A cold front late Saturday night will clear away all the excess moisture, leaving us with beautiful weather for Mother's Day. Look for mostly sunny skies and temperatures ranging from the mid 70s near the coast to lower 80s inland on Sunday. The forecast gets complicated next week, but the warm weather should stick around for Monday and possibly Tuesday.