It is very tempting to grab last Friday's forecast, change a few details, and find out if any reader notices the self-plagiarism, because today's weather forecast has a very similar look. The high pressure system that gave us yesterday's brisk weather is moving offshore today. The wind will soon start coming out of the south, warming us to the mid 50s this afternoon.

The approach of a couple of warm fronts will push Tuesday's high to near 60 degrees. That's fifteen degrees above average, surpassing 2012 as the warmest February on record by a comfortable margin. If you are keeping track at home, this is the 20th consecutive month that's been warmer-than-normal. As the fronts arrive tomorrow. look for overcast skies and a good chance of light rain starting around noon.

March will arrive with more rain, possibly thunderstorms, and warmer weather. Wednesday's highs will range from near 60 in southern Brooklyn and Queens to the lower 70s in Manhattan, the Bronx and northern New Jersey. It will get all windy and showery and thunderstormy in the late afternoon or evening as a strong cold front arrives. Cold air will arrive behind the front with Friday possibly being our first colder than average day in a couple of weeks before warming begins anew on Saturday.