It's been a record-tying week in the weather department. First, Monday's high of 95 degrees tied the record for the date set in 1944. The four straight days of 90+ temperatures were our first official heat wave since July 2014. That heat wave was part of a longer, perhaps more impressive record. Today is the 41st consecutive day where the temperature reached at least 80 degrees, tying the record set four years ago. That record is very likely to be broken tomorrow and there is a pretty good chance, if Friday warms to 80, that the record could be extended for a week or more.

While the 90+ temperatures are gone, we will only warm to the upper 80s this afternoon, we do have to deal with ">several more days of extreme humidity. A Bermuda High is pumping all sorts of moisture up the East Coast and that humidity train won't stop until a cold front passes this weekend. All the heat and humidity means we can't rule out scattered afternoon showers or thunderstorms, some of which could produce heavy rain.

That slight chance of showers will continue through tomorrow but the threat of heavy showers begins to ramp up late Thursday night and we could be in for a very wet Friday as the cold front draws near. The front won't be moving very fast and that slow speed, combined with lots of moisture, could produce locally impressive downpours. The Weather Service is suggesting that the heaviest rain will fall from the city westward. The front is expected to stall somewhere nearby starting late Friday. With a stalled front nearby we can't rule out the chance for scattered showers all weekend long.