If you like cloudy, rainy weather, this week is for you! All the current forecasts show that every day from now through next weekend have at least some chance of rain. That's quite a change from April, which had almost three inches less rainfall than average.

A couple of weeks ago an omega block in the jet stream set up shop over the East Coast, giving us several days of sunny, warm weather. This week a similar omega block is expected to form, but over the central part of the country. That's just the right spot to have a cold front stall out just south of the city, giving us days and days of overcast skies and drizzly, rainy weather.

The heaviest period of rain will likely be overnight tonight as a little upper-level disturbance passes overhead. The steady rain is expected to continue until tomorrow afternoon. Today and tomorrow will see highs in the upper 50s or lower 60s.

The rain is expected to become more of the showery, hit-and-miss variety from Wednesday through Saturday. At the moment none of that rain looks to be especially heavy. Daily highs are expected to climb from the lower 60s on Wednesday up to near 70 on Saturday. A cold front toward the end of the weekend may make for a thundery Mother's Day, but promises warmer, drier weather next week.