This weekend's weather forecast looks like it came right out of a textbook. First up we've got a low pressure system across southern Ontario. That low pulled a warm front through the city last night so the temperature will climb into the upper 70s this afternoon. By late afternoon it will be warm and humid enough that an approaching cold front could kick off a few showers or even a scattered thunderstorm. Look for some gusty southwesterly this afternoon as the front draws near.

The cold front will pass around eight-ish this evening, quickly putting an end to the rain. On a side note, despite the heavy rain last weekend, drought conditions have actually held steady or even worsened over much of the region.

Along with the rain ending, much cooler air will arrive overnight. Despite sunny skies Saturday's high will only reach the mid 60s and the Sunday morning low will be near 50 in the city and much lower in the surrounding suburbs. The cooling won't last long. Sunday is expected to warm to the upper 60s and Monday should be mostly sunny with a high in the mid 70s. The next chance of rain will be Monday night or Tuesday and that doesn't look to be like much of a storm.