An uncoordinated atmosphere over the next few days makes for a blah weather forecast. Near the ground is a high pressure system sneaking down from New England to bring mild temperatures and a fair amount of humidity to the city. Passing above that high will be a few disturbances that are going to try and produce a few showers or thunderstorms. The catch is that those disturbances probably won't be strong enough to produce anything other than overcast skies.

Since the first shortwave won't arrive until tonight, we should see a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon and a high near the normal of 82 degrees. There is a slight chance of showers tonight in and near the city and a much better chance of rain, some possibly heavy, up in the Catskills. A slight chance of showers or thunderstorms are expected again tomorrow. The rainfall has the potential to be heavy as there is plenty of pent up energy and moisture being trapped under the high pressure system.

Change starts to happen on Friday when the jet stream switches from a flat pattern to a more loopy ridge over the Midwest. The East Coast will be on the cool side of that ridge so we are looking at a weekend with highs in the mid 70s. Friday should be the last chance of rain, while Saturday and Sunday look to have a mix of sun and non-threatening clouds.