The word for today is excessively revoltingly hot. Yesterday's dramatic thunderstorm diminished the humidity a little bit, dropping the dew point from the mid 70s to the upper 60s, but that's definitely humid enough to make for an uncomfortable day when the afternoon high is expected to reach the mid 90s. Winds out of the southwest mean there won't be a sea breeze, so even coastal locations will be unpleasantly warm.

A weak cold front will pass through the region tonight but Saturday will only be slightly cooler and drier. Tomorrow's high will be near 90, and the dew point temperature should drop to the lower 60s. That will make for another uncomfortable day, but nothing like today's oppressive steam bath. Scattered showers are possible in the afternoon especially north of the city.

Another cold front late Saturday will give everyone a chance of scattered showers or thunderstorms, and the rainfall in those storms could be heavy. This second front will not bring us much heat or humidity relief, as Sunday should again warm to near 90. More gross weather is on tap for Monday, but a potentially potent wave of thunderstorms on Tuesday could finally bring some relief.