The storm that was raising fears/hopes for a snowy Halloween is going to pass far enough out to sea that snow is no longer a concern. That's not saying we are in for a stretch of lovely weather. Today is the treat of the weekend with cloudy skies and a near normal high in the upper 50s. There's a chance of light rain late tonight but that shouldn't happen until long after trick-or-treating and Halloween parade revelry have ended.

Tonight's rain is the first volley in the battle of cold and warm air masses as two storms form off the Carolinas and move up the coast this weekend. The first storm is expected to bring the occasional shower, a brisk northerly wind, and a high in the lower 50s on Saturday.

No rain is expected from the second storm, but is it going to make for a brutally windy marathon on Sunday. Steady northerly winds will be blowing at 15-20 mph Saturday night, making Sunday morning's low near 40 degrees feel much colder. The wind is just going to get stronger on Sunday as the pressure gradient increases between the departing low and arriving high. The Weather Service is calling for steady 20-25 mph northwesterly winds with gusts to 40 mph and a high of 50 degrees.

Now the good news! Once the second storm leaves high pressure will settle in and temperatures will gradually rise to warmer than average for most of next week.