The upper level low that's trapped between two stubborn ridges in the jet stream continues to funnel cool, generally dry our way, but that pattern looks like it will change by the end of the week. First, though, today is turning out to have a mix of sun and clouds with a high in the mid 60s. Tomorrow will be a couple of degrees cooler as a weak back door cold front sneaks in from New England underneath the upper level systems.

It looks like the loopy jet stream pattern will finally start breaking down as we head toward the weekend. That breakdown is not going to be pretty, as it will likely lead to another round of torrential rain on Saturday. Essentially the trough will split in two, with the northern section hooking up with a cut-off low coming out of the desert southwest. By Friday, the new couple will be close enough to give us a cool, cloudy day with a high in the upper 50s.

The real action happens on Saturday when the new system is expected to reach the Mid-Atlantic coast and spawn a springtime nor'easter. Saturday could be ugly. There is still a lot of uncertainty in the forecast, especially in the timing, but it seems we are in for a cold, windy and rainy day. Saturday's high will only be in the mid 50s and we could potentially see 1-3 inches of rain. The rain looks like it will stick around for most of Mother's Day, but it should be somewhat warmer with a high in the lower 60s.