The high pressure system that has sat to our north all week continues to sit to our north today, and looks like it will stay there through tomorrow night. The center of that high is squatting on Montreal this morning. Easterly winds swirling off the anticyclone will push some ocean air this way, holding the afternoon temperature to the upper 60s and probably producing a layer of stratocumulus clouds. We might even see a few sprinkles. Sprinkles!

It's back to mostly sunny skies tomorrow as the Canadian high shifts eastward and the wind changes direction. Saturday's high will be in the lower 70s, which is normal for late September. Almost perfect weather will be in store for the Atlantic Antic on Sunday as we should once again have sunny skies and a high in the low 70s.

The forecast gets a bit weird beyond Sunday. A low pressure system is forming off the Carolina coast and that development will help break down the ridge of high pressure that's been keeping us dry. The storm is expected to stay out to sea but it's in a region with no strong steering current, like the jet stream, to give that storm direction and purpose in life and forecast models historically don't do well with aimless storms.

Generally, next week looks like it will feature a mix of sun and clouds and be somewhat warmer, with highs in the upper 70s, but as of now it's a pretty low confidence forecast.