You can loosen your grip now. After a very windy Sunday, with peak gusts of 53 mph at JFK and 36 mph in Central Park, the pressure gradient is easing as the weekend storm moves toward Newfoundland and our weather is more influenced by a high pressure system over the southeastern US. Last night's clear, dry sky allowed the temperature to drop to 39 degrees. The first time it's been below 40 this fall. Despite the cool start, the afternoon temperature is expected to rebound to 60, which is just slightly warmer than normal.

With high pressure to our south we can expect warmer weather over the next couple of days. Look for the temperature to reach the mid 60s tomorrow and Wednesday. The approach and passage of a weak cold front means Wednesday will probably be cloudy.

Thursday's forecast is complicated! An upper-level disturbance is expected to traipse across the northern tier of states this week before dipping off the Mid-Atlantic coast late Wednesday. That's good for a coastal storm this time of year. The complication comes from Hurricane Vance, which is currently off the western coast of Mexico. The hurricane won't head this way but the moisture from it will. Depending on the timing that could make the difference between a wet Thursday and a very wet Thursday. Cooler, drier weather is expected next weekend after the passage of the storm.