For once it felt good to be wrong about a forecast. Yesterday's storm came up the coast a bit further west than expected and that allowed a whole lot more rain to fall across the region, even upstate where the reservoirs are located. Most of the city had at least 1.5 inches of rain and over 2.5 inches fell on Newark and Peekskill.

Now that the storm has passed there is no need to concern ourselves with rain for the rest of the week. A mild southern air mass will let us warm to near 60 this afternoon and possibly the low 60s from tomorrow through Saturday. The skies are likely to cloud up later this afternoon thanks to an upper level disturbance. Once that passes clear skies will be in place for the rest of the week.

Big changes. Big, big changes, are expected on Sunday. A potent Pacific storm accompanied by a deep trough in the jet stream will be arriving late Saturday night or early Sunday. That combo will bring much cooler weather, with Sunday's only reaching the mid 40s, and precipitation that will start as rain on Sunday morning but could possibly change over to snow on Sunday night. he storm will depart by early Monday but the cold weather is expected to stick around. As of now it looks like highs stay in the mid to upper 40s from Monday through the end of the month.