Hurricane Jose stayed just far enough east yesterday that the city only received two short rounds of rainfall. There was some coastal flooding across Long Island but it wasn't as bad as originally feared. Coastal flooding and rough surf will continue to be a concern because Jose is going to be slowly meandering around just a couple hundred miles east of here for the rest of the week and there is a good chance that a much diminished storm will drift back toward us by the weekend.

Jose isn't going anywhere because of a building upper level ridge. That ridge, along with a high pressure system at the surface, will give us plenty of mild, humid, air as we transition from summer to fall. Afternoon highs are expected to range from the upper 70s to mid 80s, 5-10 degrees warmer than normal, for much of the next week. However, with Jose acting like a loose cannon there is not a lot of confidence in the weekend forecast.

A bigger question looming on the horizon concerns what will happen with Hurricane Maria. The storm made landfall in Puerto Rico this morning with sustained 155 mile-per-hour winds and torrential rainfall. Maria is expected to pass through the Turks and Caicos tomorrow before heading in a more northerly direction this weekend. While next week is pretty far away in terms of a weather forecast, the models are currently in good agreement that Maria will take a track similar to Jose and be in close range of us by next Wednesday. The storm bears watching.