Well, here's an interesting little weather map. The red areas are where it will be warmer than average in the lower 48 states this afternoon. The blue areas, if you can find them, are where it will be cooler than average. Despite not reaching 50 yesterday for the first time this month, Tuesday was still five degrees warmer than normal. That warmth shows no sign of stopping as we'll be back to the lower 50s today and probably up to the lower 60s this weekend. It's making me feel bad for the National Weather Service which keeps trying to get us ready for winter. Nobody is paying attention, guys.

Apropos of the map above there is not much weather happening across the lower 48 today. The NWS's forecast discussion uses the work 'weak' eight times. Weak high pressure, weak trough, weak low pressure, etc. The former is sitting on top of the city this morning. As it moves out to sea we'll get a weak southerly breeze to warm us up. The weak trough passes late tonight, possibly producing some light showers overnight and leading to a warmer Thursday with a high in the mid 50s.

Truly unseasonably mild weather arrives on Friday as a low pressure system passes way to our north. Friday is expected to warm to the upper 50s. Saturday through Monday could be warmer still, with highs in the lower 60s possible each day and possibly the mid 60s on Sunday. A late-Monday cold front might bring a few showers and will cool us down to the lower 50s, or ten degrees warmer than normal, for much of next week.