The forecasts are getting more and more winter-like with each passing day. A vigorous jet stream pattern is establishing itself, and that promises a succession of storms and cold waves for the next couple of weeks. With a high in the upper 40s, today is likely to be the last warmer than normal day for quite some time. That's quite a change from the record-setting warmth of last December, which had no cooler than average days.

A weak ridge of high pressure may give us a few peeks at the sun tomorrow, but we are more likely to see clouds as a cold front approaches from the west. According to the National Weather Service there is a slight chance of rain/snow showers as the front crosses on Thursday night.

More significant is the cold weather that arrives behind that front and a second front on Saturday morning. The city could slip below freezing for the first time this season on Friday morning, and we are almost certain to do so on Friday night. Friday's high will be in the low 40s at best and Saturday will only warm to the upper 30s.

It is too soon for details, but the next chance of precipitation of the rain or snow variety is late Sunday or Monday. That could be followed by an unseasonably cold air mass arriving in the middle of next week.