This would be a good week to hibernate, as the next several days will be cold, windy, and rainy as a nor'easter slowly makes its way up the coast. Heavy rains, accompanied by strong northeasterly winds will make for widespread flooding in low-lying areas. The storm has barely started developing off the Carolina coast but the winds at high tide are already causing flooding in Wildwood. Look for the temperature to slowly rise into the mid 30s this afternoon and not stop rising until they reach the lower 40s around noon on Tuesday. The wind will make it feel much colder than that, however.

The rain will start with an innocent-seeming drizzle sometime this afternoon. The drizzle will turn to rain this evening. Tuesday is going to be a miserable washout with advisories, watches and warnings seemingly everywhere as the nor'easter hugs the coast and drops anywhere from 1-3 inches of rain on the city. Northeast winds at 20-25 mph, gusting to 40 mph will make umbrellas almost useless and will produce windchills in the lower 30s despite an afternoon high in the mid 40s. The rain will likely change to snow well north of the city tomorrow night, but we might see a few non-accumulating flakes as well.

Precipitation will diminish and become more scattered on Wednesday as the storm gradually moves into New England. Cooler air is arriving behind the storm but it is not yet clear if the leftover precipitation will fall as rain or snow. Similarly, there is also a lot of uncertainty so let's take AccuWeather's word that it will be sunny and warm.