August is vacation time. Not just for people but also for the weather. The jet stream typically retreats well to our north and our big weather makers for the month are normally slow moving high pressure systems interrupted by weak surface fronts. That's not the story for today's forecast. An accelerating jet stream is overhead and a warm front is approaching from the south, a combination that will provide enough uplift and moisture to produce an abundance of rain from now until tomorrow morning.

Light rain has already reached the city this morning, with much heavier rain expected this afternoon and evening. The heaviest rain looks like it will be east of the city but most of the area will still see 1-2 inches of rainfall by early tomorrow morning. A flash flood watch is in effect from noon today until tomorrow morning. It is possible that waterspouts could form off the Atlantic-facing beaches of the city and Long Island. Thanks to the rain, heavy cloud cover and easterly wind today's temperature will hold steady in the low 70s.

That's the exciting part of the forecast. The rest of the week looks rather dull in comparison. A high pressure moving in from the west will help push the storm away by tomorrow morning, leaving us with several days of mild, dry weather. We'll see some leftover clouds tomorrow and incoming clouds on Friday, but the days in between will be mostly sunny. Look for afternoon highs mostly in the lower 80s from tomorrow until at least Friday if not well into next week.