Rain and more rain, that's all you need to know about today's forecast. Rain in the morning. Rain in the afternoon. Rain in the evening. Rain late at night. Rain tomorrow morning. Upwards of four inches of rain is possible by the time this storm is done soaking us. Some of that rain may fall via a thunderstorm, especially tonight and tomorrow morning. Of course there are all sorts of flood watches and coastal flood advisories in effect.

Wait, there's a second thing you need to know about today's forecast: Wind. A strong east wind will keep the temperature in the mid to upper 40s this afternoon. That won't be today's high though. The wind will swing around to come out of the southwest this evening and we'll see a midnight high in the mid 50s. The temperature will keep on rising through the night as a warm front passes through the city. Thursday's high will be in the mid to upper 70s and the rain should stop by afternoon.

The slow-moving storm that's brought so much misery to the South and Midwest along with our heavy rain this week will be gone by late Thursday, replaced by a weak high pressure system on Friday and Saturday. Look for near-average highs in the upper 60s with a slight chance of isolated showers both days. A weak cold front is expected to increase that chance of rain, and perhaps a thunderstorm, on Sunday.