Yesterday's high was only 89 degrees, technically putting an end to our longest heat wave in a little over three years, when we had a seven-day streak of hot weather. Central Park's longest heat wave on record occurred back in August and September 1953, when the temperature hit at least 90 degrees for twelve straight days. Embedded within that heat wave were six consecutive days when it was at least 97 degrees.

The official heat wave may have ended but we still have a couple more days of hot weather before the temperature returns toward normal. Winds that were coming out of the northeast this morning will swing around and start coming out of the southeast this afternoon as a weak high pressure system slowly moves over the area. That should push today's high to the lower 90s, but the humidity levels will stay low enough that it won't feel too uncomfortable outside. Not so tomorrow, when it will be plenty humid with a high near 90.

Showers and thunderstorms are likely to visit from Thursday night through Friday as a low pressure system slowly makes its way up the coast. Localized heavy rainfall is possible, especially during the day on Friday. Friday's high is expected to be close to the normal of 84. Forecasters aren't in good agreement as to the weekend weather but the general idea is highs in the mid 80s with a slight chance of showers on Saturday and a better chance of thunderstorms on Sunday.