It's time for another heat wave. Before we get to the hot weather though, check out the fog in the river valleys upstate this morning in this GOES-16 satellite image above. Air sinks as it cools overnight, and in the steep valleys along the Susquehanna and Delaware rivers and their tributaries the air cooled enough to reach saturation, forming delicate-looking tendrils of fog.

The fog has long since evaporated and the region is in for a sunny, hot and humid couple of days. The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory, in effect from now through tomorrow evening. The city should see a high in the lower 90s. With the dew point in the lower 70s that's downright uncomfortable if you have to be outside for any length of time. Because of the heat and humidity we can't completely dismiss the chance of showers or thunderstorms this afternoon, but there is little happening that would trigger such convective activity.

A very weak cold front will pass through the city tomorrow. The front is too weak to cause any storms but it will bring slightly drier and slightly warmer air. Look for Thursday's high to edge up close to 95 under sunny skies. A broad high pressure system covering much of the country east of the Rockies will prevent the front from moving southward. That will give us warm and humid weather through the weekend, with at least a slight chance of precipitation each day.