The heat is gone but the muggy weather is lingering on for a couple more days. As often happens, the cold front that brought an end to the heat has stalled along the Mason-Dixon Line. That sets up a northeasterly breeze near the surface, which will bring lots of moist marine air to the region. A west-to-east flow above the surface system will push several weak upper-level disturbances through the area over the next couple of days. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely through tomorrow night. The storms shouldn't be severe but some will produce heavy rain, especially in the afternoon and evening hours today and Tuesday. This afternoon's high should be in the lower 80s while tomorrow looks to be a couple of degrees warmer.

Climate trivia time! Today's average low is 70 degrees. That average drops a degree tomorrow. While the normal high of 85 degrees doesn't start falling until August, tomorrow marks the point where the annual temperature curve starts its decline toward winter.

A cold front passing through town early Wednesday morning should finally sweep the humidity away for a couple of days. Wednesday's high is expected to reach the mid 80s under a mix of sun and clouds. Thursday might turn out cooler than normal with a morning low in the mid 60s and a high in the lower 80s. Friday is looking cooler still, and possibly rainy.