Forecast for your workout...

While the weather is in transition from summer to winter, it can be pretty unpredictable comfort-wise. Gothamist is training for the NYC Marathon and now is the time we begin to wonder whether we should wear shorts or long pants, t-shirt or longsleeve, and hat or no hat for when we venture outside for our runs.

Lucky for us, we have discovered a convenient tool on titled Current Fitness Weather. It gives us the current temperature, "feels like" temperature and other basics. But it also provides, the amount of daylight remaining in the day, a "What To Wear Today" section (today it says long pants), and an hourly fitness comfort index forecast with ratings from 1-10.

Despite the suggestion, we will still run in our shorts today but it is a convenient set of information to prepare you for your run, bike, walk, or trip to Magnolia for cupcakes.