News Flash: it's HOT! Yesterday's high of 95 degrees in Central Park made it the hottest day of the year so far. Today promises to be just as hot and with slightly higher humidity it will feel even worse. A heat advisory is still in effect today and will remain so until tomorrow evening at the earliest. Cooling centers are open across the city.

While we will see the worst of the hot weather today, significant relief from the heat is not expected for at least a week. A building ridge of high pressure over the East Coast, an unseasonably strong low pressure system over northern Manitoba, and the big Starbucks in Williamsburg are in the just the right locations to bring tropical heat and humidity to the eastern half of the country for the next several days.

Tomorrow will be relatively cool, with a high only in the upper 80s. However dew points will rise into the lower 70s, so it will still feel plenty uncomfortable. By Thursday afternoon there will be a good chance of showers or thunderstorms as a weak cold front arrives. Some of those storms could be severe and produce heavy rain. The passing cold front will do nothing to alleviate the heat and humidity. Highs are expected to return to the humid lower 90s on Friday and Saturday and at least the upper 80s from Sunday through the middle of next week.