This week's forecast is all about the slow passage of a high pressure system. That big air mass is sitting over the Great Lakes today and is expected to drift southeastward, finally parking itself somewhere near Bermuda later this week. With the high to our northwest we will have a mostly sunny and dry afternoon today with the temperature maxing out around 87 degrees. Much of the same is expected tomorrow as the high passes overhead.

By Wednesday the high will be over Bermuda and will do what Bermuda highs always do, pump lots of warm, humid air up along much of the East Coast. Wednesday's warmth will be held in check to the mid 80s by clouds, and possibly rain showers or a thunderstorm, as an upper level low passes to the north.

No such luck is expected from Thursday through at least Sunday. During that time a deep layer of tropical air will be in place over the city, giving us several days with highs in the upper 80s to lower 90s. The dew point temperature is expected to be in the lower 70s throughout that period, making for afternoon or evening rain showers from Wednesday through Monday.