The long fortuitous reign of impeccable fall weather continues this week as high pressure to the north keeps advancing storms at bay. However, changes are happening! The Canadian high pressure system is moving eastward today and is expected to dip southward tonight. That will warm us up from a high in the low 70s today to the upper 70s on Tuesday. Wednesday could see a high in the lower 80s.

A weak cold front should pass through the area sometime late on Wednesday. There's not much moisture ahead of the front so no rain is expected. Thursday and Friday will again be mostly sunny with highs in the upper 70s.

The warm weather is expected to continue into Saturday but the fairy-tale fall weather will come to an end soon thereafter. A low pressure system is expected to form over the Great Plains this week and move over the Great Lakes this weekend. The timing isn't yet clear but that movement should drag a warm front over the city on Saturday and a cold front on Sunday or maybe Monday. Between those two fronts we can expect some rain showers, and cooler weather is expected early next week.