This week's wild temperature swings has come to an end with the passage of a cold front last night. For the next few days at least temperatures will hew much closer to normal with highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s. That's not to say it will feel all that warm this afternoon. Brisk north winds behind the front will make it feel more like the lower 50s than near 60.

The winds will calm down tonight as the center of high pressure draws closer to the city. The lack of wind and a lack of moisture will let the air cool to the mid 40s in the city overnight and possibly to the lower 30s on eastern Long Island.

Saturday looks to be very pleasant, especially from the city westward, where we can expect light rain before the front arrives but this won't be a significant rainfall.

Our local weather this weekend seems insignificant compared to the incredible development of 200 miles an hour and a central pressure of 880mb.

What's worse is that Patricia is expected to retain that ferocity as it hits the coast of Mexico later today, almost certainly causing catastrophic damage as it comes ashore. The storm will lose a lot of its punch as it travels over the Sierra Madre but could potentially bring several inches of rain to Texas and Louisiana next week.