Well, that was a lot of wind and rain for superstorm Sandy's fifth anniversary. Sunday's storm dumped over three inches of rain in Central Park and slightly lower amounts at the airports. The heaviest rain fell in a swath from central Long Island up through western Connecticut, with many locations receiving over four inches. Long Island and Connecticut also led the way in windiness, with Plum Island and Mystic both measuring gusts over 70 mph last night. The Connecticut winds knocked power out for upwards of 150,000 people.

The worst of the rain has moved northward, but the radar shows a few lighter showers lingering in the area. Those showers should pass by early afternoon and the sun should return later today. Today's high was 62 at midnight, but we'll warm to the mid 50s once the sun returns.

Halloween is expected to be cool and breezy as high pressure moves in behind the departing storm. Tomorrow's high will be in the mid 50s under mostly sunny skies. The temperature will be in the low 50s by early evening.

The atmosphere is going to send mixed signals later in the week. While Wednesday will be cool, with a high only in the mid 50s, Thursday and Friday will warm to the upper 60s or even lower 70s. That brief warming is a sign that the circulation is picking up speed, the current high pressure system won't stick around long, which is what happens as we head toward winter. Temperatures should drop back down to normal, upper 50s for highs, over the weekend and early indications are we could be in for a bit of rain on marathon Sunday.