The temperature dipped down to 45 degrees in Central Park this morning. That's more than forty degrees cooler than just three days ago and, with an expected afternoon high in the mid 50s, today will be cooler than normal for the first time in ten days. Onshore winds this morning and an approaching warm front later in the day should keep the skies cloudy all day.

Light rain is possible late tonight as the warm front works its way toward the east coast. Once the front passes we should warm up to the... well, there's a lot of disagreement on what we'll warm up to tomorrow. The National Weather Service thinks an onshore breeze will keep the city in the lower 60s vs. the Weather Channel saying we'll warm to the upper 60s thanks to a more southwesterly wind direction. Showers, and possibly a thunderstorm, are possible on Thursday night as a slow moving cold front arrives.

Friday's forecast is almost equally as vexing, as the cold front looks like it will stall out south of the city before reversing direction and coming back as a warm front. The timing of that pivot is uncertain, but the general consensus is that we'll see showers or thunderstorms in the morning followed by clearing skies later in the day. The best we can do for Friday's high is somewhere in the mid 60s to lower 70s. The forecast gets more reliable for the weekend, with Saturday expected to be sunny and mild followed by a cold, wet Sunday.