A week ago Sunday we had a record high of 91 degrees in Central Park. Yesterday morning the temperature dipped to 50, the coldest it has been since the middle of May. This week will see a gradual warming and not much else in terms of weather.

A big high pressure system is to our west, giving us plenty of cool, dry air today. As that system moves east we can expect the temperature to rise from a high near 70 Monday afternoon to the mid 70s by mid-week and into the 80s by the end of the week. Look for mostly clear skies for the next few days.

The next weather maker of any note won't happen until late Friday and that system is likely to be a weak cold front. It has been twelve days since it last rained but it doesn't look like Friday's front will have much of an impact. More likely, we'll have to wait for rain until some tropical moisture potentially makes its way up the East Coast early next week.