It's another warm, dry day in a month that's already had its share of warm, dry days. Yesterday was a strange one, at a degree colder than normal it was only the second cooler than average day in November. The month is now running 6.3 degrees warmer than average. By comparison the warmest November in Central Park, 2001, was only five degrees above average.

Speaking of warm weather, tomorrow's high should reach the mid 60s as an approaching storm pulls plenty of heat and humidity up from the Gulf of Mexico. This is a monster storm that spawned tornadoes across four Great Plains states earlier in the week and tornado watches across the Deep South this morning. It won't be that violent here but we could see heavy downpours and thunderstorms starting late tonight but most likely tomorrow afternoon.

Cooler, drier air is expected once the cold front moves through the city around midnight tomorrow. Leftover clouds on Friday morning will quickly give way to clear skies and a high in the mid 50s. Saturday should be a bit cooler and Sunday is likely to be the third day of the month that's cooler than normal with a high stuck in the mid 40s. As of now Thanksgiving week weather is shaping up to be very uneventful.