The very active late-winter/early-spring weather pattern continues with another ride up to the top of a temperature roller coaster today that will be followed by a harrowing plunge into below freezing air by the weekend. The culprit for those temperature extremes, and what promises to be a couple of windy days, is that big swirly mass of clouds that is west of Hudson Bay in the satellite image.

That Canadian low pressure system pushed a cold front through the city early this morning, making way for a sunny afternoon. The winds behind the front are causing deep mixing, where air near the ground gets pulled upward and air above is shoved downward. Sinking air gets compressed and warms up so we'll see a high near 60 this afternoon and the mid 50s tomorrow.

It looks like the low will cross Hudson Bay tomorrow. By tomorrow night it will push another, more potent, cold front our way. A storm is likely to develop to our south along that front. There is some uncertainty in the storm's expected path but we are likely to see rain Thursday night followed by an inch or two of snow in time for Friday morning's rush hour. The temperature looks to slowly fall to the lower 30s on Friday and the weekend is looking cold with highs only in the upper 20s on Saturday and lower 30s on Sunday.