The summer solstice occurred at 12:24 this morning and we've got plenty of summer weather to accompany the longest day of the year. This afternoon's high will be in the mid 80s, and we will have a mix of sun and clouds because of a wobbly cold front that's been hanging out in the neighborhood. When the front is to the east of us the air is dry, but, as you can see on the graph, the dew points jump upward whenever the front meanders westward. Because of that wobbliness and a second, stronger, cold front approaching from the west, there could be a few scattered showers or thunderstorms later in the afternoon.

Drier air will arrive once the second front passes, giving us a very pleasant Thursday. Look for mostly sunny skies with a high in the lower 80s.

Sometime tomorrow afternoon, however, the wind will start coming out of the southwest. That is the first indication that an upper-level trough over the upper Midwest is shifting eastward. At the same time moisture from the remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy will be headed our way. Add those two together and we could be in for a steamy, stormy, start to the weekend.

Friday looks like it will be pretty warm and humid, with a high in the upper 80s and a good chance of showers or thunderstorms. The chance of showers will continue through Saturday morning before slowly fading in the afternoon. We might be able to squeak out a dry Sunday before another round of showers arrives on Monday.