With a high of 60 degrees yesterday, this is the third December in a row where it has been at least 60 in the park after Christmas. An afternoon cold front put a quick end to that warmth, and we can look forward to an afternoon high in the mid 40s today under mostly sunny skies.

Thursday's weather will be much more entertaining than today's. A classic battle is shaping up between high pressure to our south and a low passing to the north. A cold front trailing from that low will give rise to a rapidly intensifying secondary low forming once the front moves out to sea.

Taking off my weather nerd hat, that means Thursday is going to be wet. In the city we can expect a rain/snow mix early tomorrow morning, changing over to all rain during the daylight hours as it warms into the lower 40s before changing back to a mix tomorrow evening and maybe all snow before midnight. No accumulation is expected in the city, but tomorrow evening will be pretty cruddy with gusty winds whipping that rain and snow around. There will be significant snowfall and potentially blizzard conditions for much of New England north of Connecticut.

Breezy conditions are expected to continue into Friday but the skies should clear as the day progresses. Friday's high will be a near normal 40 degrees. Saturday should be mostly sunny with a high near 40. There is a slight chance of showers late Saturday night as another cold front approaches but it looks like clear, if a bit chilly, sailing for New Year's Eve celebrations.