Yesterday's high temperature depended on where you were located. If you were exposed to winds off the ocean it stayed cool, like the 66 degrees at JFK. Away from the ocean's influence the temperature soared to 80 in Central Park and 84 in Newark. That's the first time we've hit 80 since last October.

The Atlantic won't have much of an influence on today's temperature because a cold front is approaching and the winds are already coming out of the northwest. Instead, look for the temperature everywhere in the region to hold steady in the upper 60s or lower 70s until late afternoon. A couple of lines of showers, perhaps strong enough to set off a thunderstorm, will move through the city early this afternoon but clear skies are expected to return before sunset.

Fair weather will be the story for the rest of the week. The high pressure system arriving behind the front is pretty dry, so look for clear skies tomorrow through Saturday with afternoon highs in the lower 60s each day. A warm front is currently expected to push through the city late on Saturday. That may produce another round of showers and it is very likely going to give us a very warm Sunday with highs in the lower 80s.